Sean Peters

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Posted by Sean Peters on July 04, 1999 at 10:04:16:

I'm 35 years old, and started hunting when I was 12 or so, with Dad. Grew up in Wisconsin and duck hunting still doesn't seem quite right if it's above freezing. Hunted until left home to go off to college (Texas A&M), and then it was off to Hawaii in the Navy.

The Navy kept me moving until '94, when I transferred to Norfolk and became rooted to the spot. A shipmate got me turned on to duck hunting once again, for which I'll be eternally grateful.

Lots of good hunting around here - my main spot is in some of the backwaters of the Elizabeth river, which teams with all sorts of wildlife, including year-round resident ducks and geese. Main species are mallards and Canada geese, but I also see a few blacks, woodies, teal, ruddies, mergs, etc...

I also hunt the York river several times a year - there we see more big water ducks - cans & bluebills, buffles, ruddies, and also a few blacks. The highlight of the year is tundra swan season - we always see them and usually fill our tag.

Another fun spot is Back Bay, which is a huge swampy, brackish lake down by the NC border. Lots of snow geese here, unfortunately when you see them it's usually at about 30,000 feet. Guess I oughtta invest in a 3 1/2" weapon! Swans, teal, mallards, etc, etc... here too.

I'm married, no kids yet (we're working on it!).

Boats: one 14 ft kayak that I use to jump shoot or if I want to make a quick hunt after work. Also a 14' jon boat w/ 10 horse that I have made into a floating blind.

Dogs: None yet (I'm working on my wife about this matter too!)

I feel blessed to have landed in a place like this - hunting opportunities abound. I'd be happy to stay until retirement, but then I'd like to head back north, as summers around here are hotter than either of us have any use for (my wife's an Iowa gal). I also feel lucky to be associated with this fine group of hunters - if any of y'all will be in the area, look me up and we'll have to go for a hunt!