Jerry Rodgers

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Jerry Rodgers on July 14, 1999 at 16:19:43:

Hey ya'll I'm 26 and have been running the oytdoors for as long as I can remember.Have only been duck hunting for 4 years now but I'm totlly addicted.I've just recently (starting in Jan.of 99)started getting into doing my own dekes.
I have been maried to a wonderful woman who even though does not hunt and really doesn't agree with it she respects my views and supports anything I want to get involved with.My 2 boys ( 4 and 5) have been pounding the woods ,marshes and streams with me since they could hold their heads up(baby backpacks are wonderful things).My oldest is already a decent shot with his BB gun and youngest starts when he turns 5.I feel ya gotta start them young to keep their intrest and to preserve our great heritage.