John Tonielli

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Posted by John Tonielli on July 21, 1999 at 12:32:38:

My name is John Tonielli aka SJWaterfowler. I've been with this page from the beginning, and have enjoyed every minute of it. I was born and raised in Southern NJ, now live in Central New Jersey, and spend a majority of my life commuting to Manhattan. I'm 30 and have been gunning ducks since about age 13. I've watched the sun rise over just about every marsh in Jersey and hope to gun out of state one day soon. My favorite duck to chase is the Black duck (suprise), but my life quest is a big bull canvasback, which I've never seen afield.

I've got an Armstrong Broadbill and a small BBSB for fresh lakes. My dog (black lab)is sadly retired due to medical reasons. I use a Beretta A390 or a Remington 1100. Recently started collecting corks.

I am a stickler for limits and harbor a strong attraction to the history of our beloved sport. I often wish I was born 100 years ago, so I could enjoy firsthand those magnificent fall flights and serenity of those deserted marshes...