paul (ca)

[Roll Call ]

Posted by paul (ca) on August 19, 1999 at 03:43:09:

Born in 1975, first hunt was at age 5. Been crazy about since then, only to have it gotten worse in the past few years.

Been shooting a Remington 1100 (that originally came with a wood stock btw), and recently won a Beretta AL390 that will see some service.

Have been shooting with Bailey since '95 and she does good enough for me!

I bought a scull boat last year that I'm really excited about trying out this year.

I've done mostly a lot of puddle duck hunting, with some divers mixed in. I recently got an aluminum boat that will fit in much better on the scoter and brant runs.

I've also dabbled into some taxidermy work... I'm not that great in the "art" side of it, but I'm I'm open for trip trades and any ideas you come up with...