Larry Pitcher

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Larry Pitcher on August 20, 1999 at 12:05:32:

Started hunting ducks about 10 years ago with my buddy Jeff Hartley. Jeff and his brother Blake have been hunting many years and are very good. After I shot my first bird (Black Duck) Jeff just smiled and said "You now have that worm in you brain and it will never leave". How right he was. I haven't missed to many days during the season over the years.

I have a 12-foot fiberglass V-bottom with a 5-hp motor that I use to hunt with. Not much but it does the job. Most of the time I just become the "First Mate" on either Jeff's or Blake's boats. Learn every time I hunt with them.

I have done different types of hunting styles in the years. Marsh, layout and scull for example. I think my favorite is marsh hunting. I am not the best caller, I wouldn't enter a contest or anything but I can turn the ducks around for a second look. Nothing better then a flock that circles and then leaves, you get after them on the call, they turn again and set their wings. That site will be in my mind till I'm pushing up daisies.

I'm married to a beautiful woman (Dianne) and have 2 children (Valerie 13yrs and Mark 10 yrs). Dianne understands my need to hunt ducks and doesn't have to many problems during the season. She is one of a kind. The kids are already shooting clay and I can't wait to hunt with them. My daughter doesn't want to kill anything so she doesn't want to hunt. I respect that. She is always welcome when she wants to go. My son on the other hand, can't wait till he can go. He has gone with me a few times but hasn't been able to shoot. A few more years and he will be able to pull the trigger.

Being in the marsh is the best place on earth. I have seen so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Nothing better then a cold morning, a hot cup of coffee and the spectacular marsh.