[Roll Call ]

Posted by LI-Jack on August 24, 1999 at 07:25:44:

I've been a duck hunter for 18 year (since I was 14). I hunt most of the south shore of Long Island, but I concentrate in the Moriches bay area. I started hunting with my best friend and his father.

Since 1992 I have hunted with my favorite dog, Durham. She's a yellow lab and a very fine hunting dog. My wife bought her for me as and engagement present however, she felt that Durham was breed for show and not hunting - she was wrong.

I have several boats, 14' v-hull alluminum, 16' fiberglass (for those snotty days) and a layout boat.
My decoy rig consists of mostly puddle ducks (plastic bobbers) I'd like to get a nice set of cork decoys but that will have to wait for a few years.

My family is the most important part of me, I have 2 kids. Avalon, 26 month old girl, and Noah, 6 month old boy. Both kids are my pride and joy. My wife Heather is a wonderful woman, She'd be perfect if she liked hunting. We've been married for 4 years but known each other for 16, you'd think she'd get used to the idea that hunting is my only vise. She hasn't.

I hunt with alot of people throughout the season and I try to get others to join in the sport. I don't promote killing for the sake of killing a duck. I eat what I shoot and I feel my guest should do the same. Some times I've cooked thier birds for them so they know how good ducks can taste.

I pick up my shells when at all possible and all the garbage left along the shore, regardless if it's mine. I was approach one day by a fellow who was fishing. He tells me isn't it disgusting what people do to our environment? My response was isn't it disgusting that we ignore it. My quest is to get one person out there to think similiarly.