Jim Gavin

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Jim Gavin on August 31, 1999 at 19:58:25:

I'm a Sales Engineer for a Hartford area HVAC Contractor and
I've been duck hunting since I was 14. So I guess thats around
22 years now. Up until 3 years ago I never had a real duck
dog but now I do and know what I've been missing for the previous
19 years. He is a yellow lab named Gunner. The dog bit is a lot of work though, especially
for the low return on investment waterfowling in CT.

Early season you can find me hunting small ponds in the state forests
or on the lower Connecticut River. Late season after the freeze
has been primarily a mouth of the Connecticut River hunt but I hope to
hunt some other shoreline spots this year. My duck boat fleet consists
of an '83 Starcraft deep V with a '68 20HP Johnson and a 12 foot '65 Grumman
shallow V with a '63 5 hp Evinrude.

Usually I shoot my Citori O/U and on occasion my dad's 3" A-5 auto.

For decoys I have about 2 dozen G&H mallards and black ducks. I just
started carving my own birds and the first group is going to be a rig
of wood black ducks made from pine and cedar.