Mike Mahler

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Mike Mahler on March 24, 1999 at 12:52:30:

Hey all, my name is Mike, and I started duckhunting
two years ago. I have a 12' jon boat, but I lost the
shaft and prop out of the 4 hp motor I used. I put
a 25 hp motor that I picked up for $25. on it, but
that's just a bit too much. I got a lab from my
brother in law last year when he moved away, and she
loves to hunt...but a two years old, she's a bit
hyper!! I am not a traditionalist, I use plastic
decoys (cheap, my wife is in college, so $$$ matters)
and I got a Mossberg 500 & 835, and a few calls. But
I have fun and OK luck. I figure I took about 40 ducks
total last year, and 5 honkers, so thats not too bad.

If anyone is looking to get a hunt going in Oregon, let
me know!!!