Rod Johnson

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Posted by Rod Johnson on September 03, 1999 at 12:13:25:

Hello All (er uh, howdy)

Full name: Rodman C. Johnson
Occupation: Environmental Lawyer
Live: Austin, Texas (nice place)
Age: 36

I've been hunting about 5 or 6 years, almost all birdhunting and enjoy it. Always love to fish since I was a kid (from flyfishing to a stick and string over a mudpuddle). No wife or kids, but I used to have a one eyed stray cat.

For those who may be passing through this area, i have a boat and some decoys and a few extra guns (well, they're not really "extra", i NEED them all...). Feel free to stop in for a cup of coffee or a cold one and visit. I'm always interested in meeting new hunting partners or to chew the proverbial fat. Number is in the phone book.

I'm working on making my own decoys and a layout boat. Maybe they'll be finished this fall? I enjoy the forum and appreciate all the help. I'd also be happy to provide any I can.