Armond K. Schwing

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Posted by Armond K. Schwing on September 03, 1999 at 13:08:20:

Avid duck hunter hunting the Atchafalaya Delta(the hottest spot in NORTH AMERICA). I fish off my Dad's 42' Bertram out of Cypremort Point, LA, arguably some of the best fishing ANYWHERE. I am truly lucky to live in SPORTSMAN'S PARADISE. The town I live in is called the oiliest, sweetest, saltiest, spiciest place in the world because of our Oil Industry, SugarCane Farming, Salt Mines, and Tabasco Pepper Sauce. We welcome visitors like long lost family and take pride in showing outsiders how to "pass a good time." LASSAIZ LES BON TEMP ROULER - Let the good times roll! Anyone who would like to trek down here to duck hunt is welcome as we all love to meet new people and show them how good we have it. When I work, I am an independent insurance agent.