Mark Schupp

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Posted by Mark Schupp on September 03, 1999 at 17:19:08:

I started this great quest twenty some odd years ago, and have enjoyed it immensely. I have been influenced by many of the taxidermists, decoy carvers and boat builders in the Mid-west. I started carving about 12 years ago and quickly finished a set of teal decoys, I hunted over them and was hooked. Ever since then I've tried to complete an entire rig but everybody wants a pair and I keep giving them away or selling them faster than I can carve them. About this same time many of our state wildlife areas started wade and shoot hunting. My evolution to hunting from a marsh boat took several years but old jon boat and duck blind habits are hard to break. Several years ago in a rush before duck season I bought a Four Rivers boat (the big one) from the Area Manager at "Four Rivers Wildlife Area", now you know where it got its name. Once I bought that shrinking ray to get all my decoys in a marsh boat I started to figure out the intricacies of hunting from a shallow draft boat. After watching several friends build and hunt out of their own boats I decided to try my hand at it. A friend and I completed two boats with a little personal touch (an original pen and ink drawing on the bottom of each boat) in a weekend.