Kevin Layne

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Posted by Kevin Layne on September 08, 1999 at 16:41:29:

I have been hunting since I could walk. I was mostly a passive hunter until 10 years ago when I became what all my friends call obsessive. I really like talking to all of you because I no longer seem quite to obsessive. I mainly hunt from Fresno, Ca. up to Klamath Falls. But have been know to take somewhat exotic trips. If anyone ever wants to hunt Alaska on their own and needs help, look me up. A buddy and I made the trip for $1,000/man. No guides and no help, but we shot 108 ducks, 23 canadian's (geese-not our northern friends), in five days and pike fished every afternoon.

Personal Information:
Age - 35
Job - Banker (Federal Land Bank)
Married - Yes (at least as of this posting date)
Kids - No
Boat - Customized 14" Lowe "Big John"
Gun - 20 ga. 870 and Benelli SBE
Decoys - E.Allen, Herter, Ryan, Bigfoot, Outlaw
Call - Rich-N-Tone contest duck call, Iverson goose call
Dog - Female Black Lab (Kizzy)

Additional hobbies include being the chairman of the the Fresno chapter of the California Waterfowl Association fundraising dinner (donations gladly accepted), fishing for salmon, bass and golden trout (if you to catch a golden, give me a call), farming 20 acres of grapes, and making a few hundred bottles of red wine each year.