Jon Klingman

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Posted by Jon Klingman on September 08, 1999 at 19:28:26:

I have been a duck hunting addict since I was too young to see out the top of the chest waders. My wife says I get "feathers in the head" early in August and I am not fit to be around until late January. She makes it sound like a bad thing...

Anyway I cut my teeth on pass-shooting woodies and teal in the timbered Mississipi River backwaters. I never did adapt well to those slow moving ditch chickens (Pheasants for you out-of-staters) and still tend to miss the first shot when a big fat mallard is hovering over the decoys, I guess I need to speed them up to hit them.

These days I hunt several areas along the Iowa side of the Mississippi River. I hunt the openers with 4 or 5 friends, but by late season it is usually just two of us or me and my dog. I don't have a big spread, just a couple dozen G&H's and a jonboat with a home-made blind, but it works for me.