Tom Palmer

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Tom Palmer on September 09, 1999 at 17:04:42:

Hi, I'm Tom from Seattle and have lived in Washington since 1976. I shot my first duck(a hen green-winged teal- who can forget their first) during an early teal shoot with my dad on the mighty Red River in Arkansas when I was nine with a .410 side-by-side. I've been hooked ever since (33 now.)

I hunt mostly mallards in Eastern Washington, but have been known to chase pheasant and quail while looking for new spots. I hunt public land, which typically involves long walks to get away from the crowds. I hunt with G & H decoys, and used to think anyone who used herters, cork etc... was crazy, as they were simply too heavy. Now that I'm getting older, the idea of using a boat to do all the work is starting to appeal to me, which led me to this site. Now I find myself wondering where I can put a bandsaw!

I love shotguns, gear, reloading etc.. and just like everyone else, have an opinion on everything. I love visiting the site, and have learned a tremendous amount from everyone. A Devlin boat is definitely in the future, and I wish everyone a safe and successful season.