[Roll Call ]

Posted by Paul on March 25, 1999 at 09:37:25:

I live in Ct., southwest of Hartford. I haven't been able to hunt
for the past five years due to some surgery, but I will be out there
this fall. I recently put a new boat together to hunt from.
I have been hunting ducks for years on the coast of Ma., before we
moved here to Ct. We came here from the North River area, in
Scituate, Ma., south of Boston.
The salt marshes at the mouth of that river are a prime duck hunting
area so you get a lot of experience up there very quickly.
I can call and decoy ducks pretty well, but I do prefer to just
slowly work down a river and jump shoot them.
I use a duck boat that is essentially a very wide kayak. I prefer the
kayak style duck boat because I can paddle quietly along and see the
wildlife as well as hunt. If I get a few ducks, fine, and if I don't,
that is fine as well.
I have been duck hunting a long time, and at this stage, the
day of hunting is far more important then the ducks are.
My pet peeves are, sky-busters, and people that shoot over my decoys
without asking. If you ask, you can even sit in my blind and I will
call them in for you, but it annoys me to have people sneak up and
start blasting away.
My sons also hunt, as does my Grandson. He got his first 5 point buck
with his bow, in NJ this year, and he is only 10 years old. He is
one good shot with that bow. He has a 170 pound boar to his credit as
well, also with the bow.
I just finished building my son a duck boat, and I made it big enough
so my grandson can sit in the front and be able to jump shoot ducks.
We will let his dad paddle the boat, what the heck, he has already
gotten plenty of ducks and geese.
My other hobbies are Ham radio, plus building and paddling
kayaks. I have been doing those for quite a spell too. It all works
out pretty well though, at least if I get bored in the duck blind I
can always talk on the radio. ha ha ha