[Roll Call ]

Posted by BillS on March 25, 1999 at 11:57:39:

Bill Sands, 28 years old, I live in Minneapolis, MN and work for the Minnesota Board of Water
and Soil Resources as an Environmental Planner. I am currently working on identifying and
mapping potential wetland restoration sites in the Metro Seven County Region and I also work
with various other water and land use issues in the region. I have been interested in duck hunting
since I was 9, when my dad brought home a few bluebills and goldeneyes and I ate two wholes
ducks for diner. I then started reading everything I could, but had limited access to traditional
duck hunting in SE WI. I started hunting when I was 12, my father would take me jump
shooting Wood Ducks along drainage ditches. I got serious about duck hunting when I went to
college in Winona, MN on the banks of the Mississippi River. There I hunted the backwater
potholes for puddlers and lager open water for divers. It is then I tasted the tradition of this great
sport that I had read and been told so much about. Now, because of the limited and often
crowed hunting within an hour of Minneapolis, I take weekend trips down to the Winona(2hrs)
area to hunt. I have also taken trips North Dakota and this year I planning a trip to
Saskatchewan. I would also love to hunt along the east coast but because of the cost and
unfamiliarity, maybe in a few years. I currently own I small punkinseed skiff, and am buying a
Alumacraft MV1450 this next week. Because of this site I am now venturing into decoy making,
and looking to purchase another boat, maybe a BBSB type.