Randy Breitenfeldt(Duck Yoda)

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Posted by Randy Breitenfeldt(Duck Yoda) on September 23, 1999 at 15:37:38:

I am 46 years old, married, with 2 sons, 16 and 13.
I have been duck hunting for 33 years, in one form or
another. I got serious about diver ducks, and big
water, about 22 years ago. I hunt with three other
guys, besides my sons, that go by the name, "Big
Lake Billy Blasters Assoc". The group was started
by having too much time on our hands in the boat blind
about 20 years ago, and has taken on a life of it's own.
At the group's inception, we discussed the political
correctness of the name, and decided it fit well, since
we didn't care what anyone else thought of our name.
We were the baddest diver duck busters to ever ply
the marshes. At least that is how we thought at
twenty something. I can't say that that attitude
has changed much over 20 years, but we do have a better
appreciation of the art of waterfowling, and those that
participate in this art form.

I hunt with a 3 year old 85 lb Chocolate Lab female,
that goes by the name of Raine, a Browning Gold 10 ga,
for the windy, spooky, days, and a Remington 11-87 SPS,
for the "feet down" days. I run a 14' Deep V Lund boat,
loaded with a mountain of decoys, anywhere from the
Upper Mississippi River, to Lake Superior, to Lake
Michigan. I have a soft spot for woodies, which I
started hunting at 13 years old, and the wild rice
lakes of northern Wisconsin. But the day I live for,
is a snow driven November day, on a windy point, on
big water, with a raft of bluebill decoys, in the
foreground, and a flock of 50 bluebills, feetdown,
comin' in. From Gordan MacQuarrie's writings, I have
coined my motto, "Make Mine Bluebills".

As for life outside of duck hunting, I am a computer
engineer/architect, in order to support my waterfowling
addiction. I fish bass competatively in the summer.
I enjoy reloading shotgun, rifle, and pistol, ammo.
I have a woodworking shop, that turns out furniture,
song bird carvings, and decoys. I like oak, and cherry,
for furniture, and basswood, white walnut(butternut),
and cedar, for carving. I also dabble in bass fishing
lure making, when the snow piles up in February.

Duck Yoda of the Big Lake Billy Blasters Assoc.
(a.k.a. Randy Breitenfeldt)