Chris Crew

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Chris Crew on October 01, 1999 at 16:49:14:

I live in Raleigh and work as a Hazard Mitigation Specialist
in the NC Division of Emergency Management. (ie: I look for ways
to spend your tax money to reduce future disaster losses.)
I hunt mostly on the three big reservoirs in the triangle area,
Falls, Jordan and Harris lakes. We shoot puddlers in the flooded
timber and some divers (mostly ringnecks, but also the occasional
canvas back or buffie) out on the big water. This season, my buddy and
I have put together a layout rig and re-habbed a 16' johnboat. We also
make any annual trip or two down to the Washington NC area.
My work takes me all over the eastern part of the state and I see
some great places that I hope to have time and ability to hunt.

I enjoy the traditional aspects of the hunt--the lore and gear.
I am also interested in "outside of the box" solutions to the
increasing difficulties we duck hunters face in just finding a place
to hunt. (In this area, the layout boat RULES!)

Several years ago, I built a scull boat from the specs and lines
in Zack Taylor's classic book. If I could have built the second one first
(as they say) or if this site had existed then, the boat would have
been different! Still, it's great to get it out on the water and
hunt from a pretty traditional craft that I made out of a bunch of
flat pieces of wood!

Finally--I love to cook and eat! My budddies and I don't shoot a thing
that we don't eat (don't believe in it--it's bad for the ole karma)
We've eaten some strange things, but not many that made us say yuck!