Scott Harbinson (Scott H.)

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Posted by Scott Harbinson (Scott H.) on October 08, 1999 at 11:15:41:

Hi all! I hunt waterfowl out of a Go Devil-equipped Riverhawk. Most of my hunting takes place on our club's 450 acre island in the Potomac River, but I also hunt the Gunpowder River and the Eastern Shore as well. Our club has a huge deer herd, a super dove field, a growing population of turkey and even an occasional quail. We have three ponds that are planted in Japanese millet. I serve as the club's habitat manager so when I'm not hunting with my 7 year old son Matt or three year old Sarah, I'm bouncing around on a vintage Farmall 300. As much as I love waterfowling, I'm a bowhunter first and foremost. I'd love to exchange info with anyone interested in moist soil management, warm season grasses or other habitat-related areas. In my professional life I work for a labor union. My job is to negotiate and oversee motion picture, television and commercial production east of the Mississippi River (except NYC). Our union represents the behind-the-camera crafts such as cinematographers, grips, electricians etc. Its a great job but I'm looking forward to retiring in 15 years to be a full-time habitat manager (a much more fun job).I look forward to meeting more of you on-line and learning more about waterfowling and duckboats. Be safe. Scott.