Jim Brown

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Jim Brown on October 11, 1999 at 11:54:59:

I'm origionally from the Fingerlakes Region of central New York.
We moved up along the Big Water (Lake Ontario) some years ago and now
I've settled into a small apple/potatoe framing community called Sodus.
(About 25 miles East of Rochester, NY.) I work for Xerox Corp as a Designer
and am married with two teenage daughters. Started hunting with my dad when I was
about 6 and learned to call and set decoys - couldn't get enough of all that
fun and I still feel the same way today. Dad is still my hunting partner
and we build and restore sneakboxes, carve decoys and enjoy the time together
doing what we love to do- trying to fool some ducks. Together my dad and me own
3 canoes, 4 Sneakboxes (all different configurations), a 12 and a 15' aluminum semi-vees,
and all kinds of old outboards, the newest one is a '68 the oldest is a '55 3hp.
I shoot a 1931 Parker side by side with 30" F and F barrels. My preferred ammo is
Bismuth 2 3/4" number 4s in the right tube, number 2s in the left. I display my decoys
and boats at some local Wildlife shows but have been slowing down on that due to family
activities. My dream is to work full time at boat building and decoy carving (talk about
the starving artist) but that will have to wait as, as much fun duck hunting is, my
family stands as a higher priority. Thanks -Jim