Fred Roaddawg

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Posted by Fred Roaddawg on October 18, 1999 at 10:18:39:

I have been hunting 20-25 years. I hunt mostly birds. Duck hunting was a favorite of my Grandfather and older brother. After years of driving race cars in which my brother was crew chief, we quit due to the rising cost. Soon after I began to notice that my brother and I don't do anything together anymore. So I started duck hunting with a buddy of mine, got my brother interested and here we are today. We are on our second boat 16.5 ft by 6 ft with 35hp johnson. We built the blind for it out of emt conduit works real good. I have a black Lab named "LigNut" big guy about 100lbs. Just waiting for him to grow up. We hunt on the Alabama river and the local WMA's.