Gayland Rogers (GR)

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Gayland Rogers (GR) on November 06, 1999 at 18:10:29:

I hunt mostly the lower Columbia River (Lewis & Clark)
marsh. Several years ago I custom built a Lowe 14'Big
Jon adding decks, floor, and storage. Power is a
25 ES Yaamah. Current boat blind frame
(permanent during the season) was constructed using
1 3/8" chain link top rail held together with aluminum
slip on fittings and set screws. We use drop down camo
and netting. Fast and convenient. Curently shooting
an Auto 5 and load all my own ammo with Aliant Steel.
G & H favorite decoys, but am looking at cork. Partner
is Peter Markantes and his wonder dog Kooch. Favorite
recipe is marinated duck in garlic ginger, created over
the seasons. Anxious to add a layout boat to the
inventory for more good times. Just purchased my
eight year old son his first neoprenes from Cabels's.
This will be his first year in the field.

Let'em Work.