Tim Ingebritson

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Tim Ingebritson on November 09, 1999 at 12:51:44:

I am 43 years old, married with 2 kids. I live in Central WI
on 30 acres out in the country.
Waterfowling... I started out in 1988 after I moved to WI and meet some crazy guys who
call themselves the BigLakeBillyBlasterAssoc. I had not hunted much
at all until then, but was big on dog training. I have come to love bird hunting,
and in particular late season watefowling. Everything about it is about as spirtual
an experience as I get out of life; from watching the sunrise over a marsh,
to listening to swans as they swing by, divers setting into your dekes, or
a retriever making a art out of what would seem to be simple.

I have a custom ordered 14ft Lund Rebel and am in the process or ordering a layout boat
which will be added to the BLBBA tactics for next season(see if'n we can get into
some of that hunt'n them MLB guys do!). I have all commerical dekes, and
generally add a dozen or so every other year.

I am also still big on dog training in the offseason(spring/summer) so if anyone
else out there does this in my area and wishes to work together drop me
a line.

Travel safe and shot straight,
Tim of the BLBBA