Jeff Dellitt

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Posted by Jeff Dellitt on November 09, 1999 at 14:19:11:

I have been hunting ducks off and on since high school. I am now 34 years old.
Haven't been out for a couple of years and missed it dearly, so I went out and
bought a 16 ft. flatbottom boat and built a blind on it. I hunt in pools 14,15,17
of the mississippi river as well as a public marsh. I have a few friends who hunt
with me, but often times I hunt alone. Stumbled upon this site by accident while
trying to find ideas for my blind. Haven't been able to keep away since. Everyone
is so helpful to each other in terms of sharing ideas...and the stories are great.
I've learned a great deal. It's great to see others have a passion for the sport
like I do.