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Posted by Bill Humphreys on March 29, 1999 at 09:26:32:

Hello All,

I'm proud to be a part of the greatest Waterfowl Forum on the WWW. Thanks to Lou, Steve, Tim, Hank, And all the others who convinced me to get involved in another forum. This one is worth it. Not all the verbal pollution as with other forums.

About me. I'm 38 years old, born in Tidewater, VA on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Moved with family to Ohio in 60's. Been going to the blind since I was I quess I've been duck hunting for 32 years. Been carrying a gun since I was 10 and buyin' stamps since 1976. I've only missed 2 seasons since I started due to commitments with Uncle Sam. Love to layout on bigwater for divers. Have hunted in VA, NC, SC, GA, OH, & IL. Would love to hunt the prarie and Ark/Miss area. I hunt from alum. j-boat with portable blind, double ender grass boat, and an older home made layout rig.

I have pretty much dedicated my life to the conservation of waterfowl and the sport of waterfowl hunting. Have been an active local commitee member for both DU & Waterfowl USA for several years. Have volunteered numerous hours banding waterfowl, building and maintianing waterfowl traps (for DNR), working on habitat enhancement or restoration projects, erecting nesting structures, and predation control. Was on the Board of Directors of the Ohio State Trappers Assn. for 3 years.

I am divorced with two beautiful daughters ages 10 & 14 (who have both been to the blind on many occasions). I have a girl friend, Sherrie (some of you met her at Westlake) who has just experienced the joy of duck hunting for the first time last season and loves it. Of course she hasn't experienced the 20 below trip yet.

Since leaving the Navy in 1982 have been employed in the Environmental Remediation Industry until 1997. Have a BS in Evironmental Science. I am a Registered Environmental Manager and an EPA Certified Response Mgr. Spent several years traveling throughout the country cleaning hazardous waste sites, and restoring the environment to pre-industrial situations. In 1994 was inducted into the National Registry of Environmental Professionals.

Started carving decoys in 1991. Started competing in 1992. Won Best of Show at Chincoteague Island Decoy Festival the same year. Two years ago my Brother and I started Blackwater Decoy Co. in response to all the folks that wanted our decoys. We have developed 4 product lines. 1) hand carved wood mantel or decorative decoys. 2) hand carved and duplicated cork gunning decoys 3) The "Rough Rider" decoy which we are doing in conjunction with Lou Tisch of Lock, Stock and Barrell where we provide a finished E. Allen decoy that's ready to hunt. 4) and our "featherLyte" decoys which are an injection molded decoy similar to (but better than) a Flambeau decoy.

We also retail a few other waterfowl hunting articles such as Cornfield Camo Products, Roy Rhodes Duck Calls, Multiple Decoy Rigs, waterfowl art and other duck huntin' stuff. Check out our web site at Duck Decoys.Com