[Roll Call ]

Posted by Woody on March 29, 1999 at 15:12:24:

I'm 30, married with no children and a very understanding wife name Karen. I work as a stock analyst with an investment bank covering software companies.

I have been duck hunting since I was 11 with my father. This year I was able to hunt almost every weekend, however work prevents me from getting much hunting in during the week. I hunt in CT and MD and am looking to do some hunting on Long Island and NJ this year also. I still hunt with my Dad whenever possible and I have two hunting buddies who are as addicted to the sport as I am. We are in the process of ramping up our gear this year. One hunting buddy is working on some cork blocks, another on scouting areas and I am responsible for improving our boating situation. In CT we have a 12' Starcraft all weld which is badly in need of some paint and a 16' canoe. In CT we primarily hunt a couple of gravel quarries in the N.E. corner of the state where my Dad lives. In MD we hunt the eastern shore, primarily the Sassafrass tributary, and use another 16' canoe.