Richard Strauss

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Posted by Richard Strauss on November 18, 1999 at 11:17:34 a.m.:

44years old,been on the mud flats since I was a kid. Hunted since early 80's. Now mostly hunt waterfowl, some deer, and Spring Turkey. Run a 15' Johnboat 10hp with a blind. Hunt the Chesapeake Bay, Patomac River, Lake Anna. I'm the shooter and retriever (no water dog...yet), have an understanding wife (her grandfather used to hunt the North Fork of Long Island NY for food thru the 20's, depression of the 30's and into the 1960's. Not a market hunter, just fed the family.) I Don't hunt as much as I "should", don't shoot as well as I should, live and breathe waterfowling more (or not as much) than I should...Depends who's shoes your standing in I guess. Like to give and receive good information and stories with other hunters. Shoot a Baretta 390 for ducks and a BPS 10 for geese. Rig GH plastic decoys, some Flamers, but always have an eye for a carved rig some day. The ultimate hunt for me would be with an old American double or Winchester pump, a restored vintage duckboat, wood carved decoys, a rig facing nothing modern on the horizon, and nothing modern running by. I believe that the Great days are gone, but hell these aren't so bad either. I have a deep concern about the erodine future of gun ownership in our Country and the future of hunting as a Sport for the average Joe.
I'm looking foward to the days ahead when I can hunt with my son (who's 6 now), and also do conservation projects together. I'm a Member of DU, NRA, Susquehana River Waterfowlers Assoc. Really appreciate the Duck Boat site...just eat them boats up, and enjoy the Forum. Glad to be aboard.