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Posted by Yukon Mike on November 21, 1999 at 9:35:07 p.m.:

Updated 6/15/03

My Name is Mike Prawdzik and I live here in Whitehorse Yukon. I've got two great kids, a boy and a girl, and a woman with very poor judgement that married me. I teach high school (History, Science, Outdoor Ed, that kinda stuff) and hunt and fish when I can. Living here we have a short season that lasts only two months starting Sept. 1, but lots of variety. Geese are a rare shoot, but we do get a few Canada's and Specks. For ducks I take mostly mallards, as well as teal, pintails, and gobs of widgeons. For divers we get alot of bluebills, buffies, and GE's, with redheads and cans a rare treat. Sea ducks like scoters and Harlequins nest here in the summer and there is always the possibility of getting one while out on the big water as well as Longtails.

I make a few decoys in the winter time for my rig or as traders. It is great to have made so many friends through the forum over the years as there just aren't many bird hunters around here. The Yukon is known more for its big game, which I scare my share of, with the odd one ending up in the freezer sometimes.