Chuck Raithel

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Posted by Chuck Raithel on November 24, 1999 at 1:38:33 p.m.:

My names Chuck, Iím currently from Leavenworth, KS and like my father, and his father before him, Iím a duck hunter. I grew up hunting the eastern shore, RI and CT. I've been a duck hunter for 25 years (since I was 15), before that I carried decoys, helped make blinds, cleaned guns, and watched. My favorite bird is the Canvasback and my favorite place is an open salt marsh.
Iím a Major in the Army and besides a couple of stints overseas, the service has given me the opportunity to live and hunt in three different flyways. My last tour was 5 years in Vancouver, WA. where I hunted the lower Columbia River and the WA coast. When I retire I plan to hunt the migration from Canada to the Gulf.
Right now I own two boats; a Devlin Black Brant II, that I built in 92, and an Outlaw Ducker, that I bought in 98. Iím looking into building a 3rd boat now, possibly a layout. My decoy rig consists of; 5 dozen G & H magnum Mallards & Sprigs, some Teal, 4 dozen Bluebill & Cans, 2 dozen G&H Canada Floaters & 10 dozen Outlaw Canada silhouettes. For my gun I usually use my Browning BPS 10 Ga. I used to switch between the 10 and a 12 depending on the possibility of geese, but now I mostly carry the 10.
Iíve got two Golden Retrievers; Chance (8) and CJ (Chance Junior) (2), both are hunting dogs, upland and waterfowl. Chance has an AKC Master title, and a NAHRA GMHR Title (Grand Master Hunting Retriever Title). CJ has his AKC Senior title and 2 legs on his Masters. He really belongs to my wife, Anita who trains him and Chance. Which is the reasoning I use to get her to come hunting with me. Both are pretty good retrievers.
My personal goal was to ďharvestĒ one of each duck breed available in North America. Being close to accomplishing that, Iíd like to try as many methods of duck hunting as possible, including a sinkbox like my grandfather did in the market days.
Iíve ďLurkedĒ on this list for a while and found it one of the best Iíve ever seen. Everyone gets along, shares information and a true love for the sport. I wish you all ďBad weather and good shootingĒ V/R Chuck