Joel Gruber

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Joel Gruber on November 24, 1999 at 8:00:28 p.m.:

43, married with two kids. I have been at this sport for nine years, have been through a number of firearms, shoot skeet and clays far too infrequently for my own accuracy in the blind, and prefer week-long hunts in remote places to local day trips. We hunt puddlers on rivers / marshes over plastic dekes (yech! This is something I intend to improve on in the coming years ...). I am working on my calling, as I very much enjoy that aspect of the sport. Have a year-old black lab, Pepper, who acquitted himself nicely this season. Hunting with your own dog is yet another rewarding dimension to this versatile sport.

My 12 year old son has started waterfowling with me, and enjoys the days 'when we get to shoot at birds'. The slow days are ok, too, but not what bring him back for more. My nine year old daughter has started to paint some E. Allen decoys with me, which is also fun. I hope to get her into the shooting side of the hobby in about three years, too. Keeping my fingers crossed.

My wife has been very understanding and tolerant of my hobbies - this character trait will be put to the test this Spring and Summer when I build a boat (or two). First to try the waters with a KARA, then perhaps something from Devlin(?). Just ordered my epoxy from WestMarine.

This Forum has improved my knowledge of the sport considerably, but mostly I tune-in to enjoy the comments, ribbing, and 'alternate points of view' of fellow waterfowlers. I like the generally friendly tone, and the helpful attitude. And some of these guys (and gals) are truly impressive in their knowledge of waterfowling.