Chuck Firestone

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Posted by Chuck Firestone on November 25, 1999 at 9:42:07 p.m.:

Hi All---Have been checking in on you fellows since Sept. so thought I would make myself known.I am 61 years old married and have a step-son.Got a lab. for Christmas three years ago and started to duck hunt.Now that is all I live for. I am on the comm. of the local D.U. chapter. I hunt from a blind at the local pot holes. Don't have too many big lakes in this area.
I was into carving decorative decoys for6 yrs. But now carve only working decoys. About all my decoys are out of cork. H ave not got into the contest end yet,but hope to give it a try this Spring.I do carve and sell to other hunters. If I am not hunting and have time I am carving. Good Hunting