Hans Binsch

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Posted by Hans Binsch on March 31, 1999 at 18:20:25:

Howdy all. First let me express my appreciation to Eric for the great site. I've learned a lot here and check in whenever I can.

I'm 34 and married with two children (Boy 2 and Girl 5) and have only hunted waterfowl for a couple of seasons but am totally addicted (aka, "the worm in the brain"). I got myself a German Wirehaired Pointer pup who should be ready next season. They're supposed to be "versatile" hunting dogs and he's proven it in that he locates tennis balls and cat turds with equally impressive skill.

Until now I have not hunted out of boats but recently purchased a scull boat (Humboldt Bay) and am lusting for one of Lou Tisch's Brant II sculls (as soon as I can figure out how to acquire it without enriching a common carrier!).

I hunt the refuges of the Sacramento Valley as well as northeastern CA (Butte Valley, Klamath) and am looking forward to sculling several lakes and sloughs in the coming season.