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Posted by David G on November 30, 1999 at 12:02:19 p.m.:

Hi everyone, never got around to reposting my info after the site crash until now.

I'm David Goodin from Houston, Tx. I'm a usually a member of a small duck and gooose hunting club that leases properties on the Katy-Eagle Lake prairies. I bowed out this year as I was expecting a baby this fall (a boy, born Nov. 16th) and figured I wouldn't be doing much hunting until around Christmas. Next year I'll be back in the rice for sure.

I also take a group up to our farm that borders
Lake Richland-Chambers (50 mile south of Dallas) for a couple big lake hunting trips each season. When the lake flooded it took about 100 acres of our pecan bottom I grew up in Tyler, Tx. hunting Lake Palestine, Lake Fork when it was filling and flooded areas of the Neches and Trinity river bottoms.

My favorite type of hunting is flooded timber. There's nothing like leaning up against a tree in a pin oak flat, cat squirrels barking, running the treetops; hearing that woodie
squeal, over there, across the creek; while flocks of mallards drift overhead searching for some companions.

My favorite piece of hunting equipment is Ol' Painless, my Browning A-5 Mag.

I shot my first duck when I was about 10 or 11 so I guess I've been doing this for 22-23 years now. My first duck hunting was jumping ducks off of ponds and creeks around our farm while squirrel or quail hunting. My father was never into the decoys,
calls and blind type of duck hunting but I do remember one time when I was about 7 or 8 that we went hunting with my Uncle and cousins on a 12 acre lake on our place. My cousins had a few decoys and they set them out while the rest of us found place to hide along the shoreline. I don't remember if they killed any ducks that day, but I do remember hearing the ripping silk sound of a flock of ducks sliding down overhead for a landing.

When I got my drivers license I began hunting other areas around my hometown with my fiends using my dads 12' john boat and an old '50s model Johnson 3 hp Seaking. I twisted off a lot of shear pins on that old motor on Lake Palestine and Lake Fork back in the early '80s. I was fortunate to hunt on Lake Fork and on Lake Richland-Chambers when they were filling up. Imagine hunting "flooded timber" in 20' of water. Man what fun.