Greg Richard aka Gads About

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Posted by Greg Richard aka Gads About on November 30, 1999 at 8:54:55 p.m.:

I recently moved back to Scottsboro near City Park where I was raised. Ironically, the backyard of my house abuts the backyard to the house I grew up in.
I forgot how beautiful this area is.
I was blessed growing up because I was hunting ducks by myself at the age of 13. It was something a kid could do on the water in the winter. We hunted with a square stern canoe and a small outboard. I've never outgrown the love of the sport.
I have my own canoe now and it has logged many miles. I also have a 16' flat bottom with a 50 evinrude. I hardly ever use the big boat. I prefer the solitude of the hard to get to spots. I enjoy exploring new areas and it is very possible that I will take a lazy float down a creek with a rod in my hand and a gun in the bow, especially on blue bird days.
I am married with 2 kids and a 3 year old black lab named Shadow that refuses to grow up. She has the stamina and attitude,(if not the brains) to have been a good retriever if I had done anything besides throw plastic bottles in the lake to train her.
This forum has provided thoughts of perhaps trying to build a layout or sculling boat. And then I think, man that would be one ugly boat, if it even floats. I really enjoy the forum and the knowlege and expertise freely imparted.