Frank Pomes

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Posted by Frank Pomes on December 01, 1999 at 7:37:19 p.m.:

Hello. I'm 43yrs old and feeling older every season. I have a great and understanding wife, three small boys, Joseph 10, Frank 6, Nicholas 5,and a 14 month old lab "Sonic" that so far has earned his Started NAHRA title. Between work, soccer, basketball, cub scouts, and dog training, I manage to hunt an average of 20-25 days a year. I run a wood shop by trade but haven't as yet started decoy carving. I could probably handle the carving but the paint blows me away. I've got a 14ft v-hull, 2 canoes, a 10' jon boat, a coffin box, and about 250 plastic dekes. The wife says that the only reason I've stuck with ducking so long is that there's so much stuff to collect.
I try to hunt responsibly and set an example for others. I've introduced friends to the sport and hope my sons will someday want to come along.