Thom Slavin

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Thom Slavin on December 03, 1999 at 12:38:53 p.m.:

I am 33 years of age married with one little boy (Tyler) I have been a waterfowl guide for 15 years
I also work as a sales rep in the equipment buisness and in my spare time sell Outlaw duck boats I am addicted to waterfowling and live for the sport. I am active in the competetive goose calling contests, and have won a state championship. My one hope is that we as a group can encourage more young people to partake in the tradition of going afield to enjoy the splender of the wild. To share in the bond and fellowship that takes place as the sun rises over a rig of decoys and the first wave of birds are seen crossing the sky. It's up to us to keep this sport alive, and I call all of my fellow waterfowlers to take a more active roll in passing this heritage onto the next generation. Bring your sons and daughters with you into the feild,and if you don't have children of your own find a young person in your community.I wish you all good luck afield and birds in your deeks!