Ben Oaks

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Posted by Ben Oaks on December 04, 1999 at 5:35:49 p.m.:

I'm a 38 yr. old safety supervisor with a loving wife, Jody of 19 yrs. Three girls Christi 19, Miranda 15,and Lacie 12. Oh and one son in law Eric. We all like the outdoors Fishing,Camping,Hunting,and Trailriding.It's been about a 25 yrs. from my last duck hunt with my dad.I plan to build my own duck boat this summer.I have a chocolate lab that is in training; By a super good trainer; but he won't be finished until Jan. so it will be next year before I can use him. I've read a lot a good things on this page and got a lot of help. Don't know alot about ducks but I do know about dogs so I hope I can help.I live in Texas; but right now I'm in Louisianna working.Well thats about it.Oh if you need a tag-a-long e-mail me. Ben