Dave Johnson

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Dave Johnson on December 09, 1999 at 5:59:58 a.m.:

I am a 45-year-old explosive engineer, married, with 2 daughters (age 16 and 5). Though I am not new to hunting, this is only my 4th season to hunt waterfowl. I have found that as time goes by, I get more deeply drawn into the sport. After the current season closes, I hope to be able to build my own marsh boat, and to learn to carve and paint my own cork decoys. I guess I have you guys to blame for that! Oh, and by the way, my wife thinks that "anybody that would get up at 2:00am just to SEE if they could DRAW a place to hunt, and then SQUAT in knee deep water until ALMOST NOON, just to get a DUCK,"..…well, I guess I can spare you what else she says!