Bill Bezubic

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Posted by Bill Bezubic on December 10, 1999 at 1:49:37 p.m.:

Married to a wonderful wife(I hope she reads this),Marjorie,two childern, 25 & 18. Just lost my Chesapeake this past summer who was an unbelieveale retreiver, still can't bring myself to replace her. I earn a living as a scientist. I lived in PA (hunted the New Jersey shore, Chesapeake Bay when the goose hunting was unbelieveable), Western NY (hunted Lake Chautauqua), Western PA (hunted Meadville swamp & Lake Erie), and now Michigan (hunt any where I can)also spent time in Mississippi and Central Wisconsin (where I hunted at the drop of the hat). I've been into waterfowling for the past 30+ or so years. I've got a 14'Outlaw Boat, Bass rig and a canoe. There are too many decoys in the garage and not enough guns in the safe. I've got some terrific friends that I hunt with (watrefowl, upland game, deer and elk). Secondary major vice is flyfishing for 40+ years. Carved some corks in the past and going to get with it again.