Andy (Duckboy) Pope

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Posted by Andy (Duckboy) Pope on April 05, 1999 at 19:15:59:

Hey all! I am a freshman at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, NC. I am studying to be a doctor. Hopefully in a few more years I'll be in med school. A friend of mine took me ducking about 4 years ago and I fell in love. I now have a 15' River Hawk and love to duck hunt anytime I get the chance. I also love to carve ducks. I did my first real hunting blocks last year. . . 6 cork teal. Didn't kill any teal over them, but that was due to my poor shooting rather than the decoys. I really enjoy this page. But, like everything else. . . it has to be put on a back-burner because of school.