Dutch/ David Boersma

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Posted by Dutch/ David Boersma on January 18, 2000 at 11:21:01 a.m.:

I hunt and live in North Louisiana. I have two sons, age 10 and 7. The older of the 2 is physically and mentally handicapped albeit mild on both counts. He loves to go with his Dad hunting and fishing but requires a great deal of extra effort to accommodate him while hunting and fishing. He is the primary reason that I bought a Carolina Skiff. It has a very flat bottom and is very stable. I designed and built the blind to go on my skiff, allowing the boys and I to be very concealed. Seven and ten year olds have difficulty with the concepts of "Still" and "Quiet." We hunt mainly timber and lakes with timber, shooting primarily mallards, gadwalls, woodies and teal. Since we are living in the "hills," the good hunting is a minimum one-hour drive east. Neither of the boys shoot yet. They do have a 20 gauge and sometimes carry it with us but unloaded.

Professionally, I am a marketing director for a group of car dealers. I develop the advertising and buy the time and space for 5+ dealerships. We have, at last check, 17 franchise lines. (Kia, Nissan, Ford Lincoln Mercury, GMC, Chrysler Plymouth Dodge Jeep, etc.) It's a lot like Air Traffic Control, hours of boredom followed by seconds of sheer terror. I enjoy it.

The wife and I have been married 11 years and plan on at least 40-50 years more. She fully supports my taking the boys out of the house to hunt and fish but absolutely refuses to go to the blind with me.( I am still working on that.)

I forgot how I ran across the site but make it a regular part of every day. I think I found it while doing some research for an outdoors magazine article. Yes, I do write occasionally.