Jeff Moore

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Posted by Jeff Moore on January 19, 2000 at 3:09:10 p.m.:

Age 38 (ouch), one wife, one kid (and one due Feb 9th 2000), and one "job" add up to about one day a month to hunt. No carving skills, no lab, a good but very basic boat (I'm tempted to say the same about the wife but things like that tend to get around) and limited calling skills (limited to when no one else is around).

I enjoy the heck out of this web site. The quality of the exchanges are far better than most sites, some of you can even take a joke. Some others of you have some exceptional artistic talent.

I've been duck hunting since I was five. I got 6 ducks with a BB gun (not a pellet gun - a daisy BB gun) by the time I was six. I hunted alone, no "help." The first time I came home and wanted my dad to retrieve one he wouldn't go. I can still remember finally getting him up to go look -- he had to go back and get his waders. I guess you can't let a kid run like that today. You could argue that modern day daycare is not much better at delivering adult supervision, but I digress.

I once crept close enough to a wild duck to reach out and grab it. I ended up with just tail feathers but it was still memorable. I built a network of "bridges" though a huge patch of cattails so that I could move quietly just inside where they met the open water. Thus the success with a BB gun. It took all summer to get them constructed, quiet (any splash of a board was fatal), and just like I wanted. Not as romantic as cupped wings at sunrise, but it was effective. Sometimes I got several shots off before the ducks figured out something was awry.

Now I work too much and hunt too little - but I hunt every chance I get. I ended up east of the Mississippi and my goal this year was one goose in either Ohio or Indiana, I failed. Finding a place to hunt seams to be the biggest obstacle these days. Until I am independently wealthy we'll have to just work a little harder. I would prefer however, to try the independently wealthy approach at God's earliest convenience.

Happy Trails,

Jeff Moore

P.S. I have a pheasant-pointing machine of a GSP, she will retrieve ducks but is not much on sitting in a duck blind. Neither are most labs near as I can tell. Anyway, I'm always looking for grouse or pheasant hunting. If you have the place, I have the dog. She would much prefer I hunted pheasants rather than ducks.