Tim Mettlen

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Posted by Tim Mettlen on April 06, 1999 at 15:05:49:

I have been an avid duck hunter since my father took me duck hunting on the coast of South Carolina in the mid 70's. I have many fond memories of these trips. Some of them are quite humorous. Especially the one concerning a dike with a "No Trespassing" sign, a roll of tiolet paper and a federal game warden. I still hunt the coast when I can get down there, but I also hunt swamps along the Savannah River and upper Lake Marion. Besides duck hunting I enjoy deer, hog, turkey, dove and quail hunting. Mostly, I seem to deer hunt as the SC season in this area runs from August 15 to January 1. Presently, I am boat less. Just sold my 14ft jon and I am in the process of looking. That is what brought me to this webpage. I got two yellow labs, one of which is good duck dog. Through the years I have accumlated 6-7 dozen various dekes, gotten fairly decent at calling seeting a spread. Unfortuntaly, it seems the duck hunting has been declining in the past few years. Could be weather, could be changing migration or reduced wetlands. Regardless, my father in law and myself are able to get one or two good hunts in a year. A geologist by training, I enjoy just about anything for excuse to get outside. I have a four year old daughter that appears to be interested in daddy's "huntin". Hopefully she will grow to love the outdoors with her daddy.