Sean Bresnahan

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Posted by Sean Bresnahan on January 19, 2000 at 6:51:44 p.m.:

Im 32 yrs. old my wife and I have 2 children an 8yr old boy and his 6yr old sister/victim. I have hunted waterfowl for 17 yrs I currently own 1 13" boston whaler 2 canoes 1 fibreglass barnegat and 3 racing hydros which all have the purpose of becoming duckboats. I,m also in the process of making a rig of dekes out of cork which for me is a slow but satisfying process. my feather fiend is a young M german wirehaired pointer. Most of my hunting occurs in Ma. Vt. and Nh.with acouple of trips through the years to champlain and Colorado. I enjoy reading what you folks have to say on various subjects and now have decided to add my two cents when I have the time to visit and see a subject with which I,m familiar