Chris Franson (Wi Christian1)

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Chris Franson (Wi Christian1) on April 10, 1999 at 00:01:32:

Well, it's always nice to beable to start anew. And since the system crashed a few weeks ago, we can all start anew with our roll call information.

I live here in beautiful Southern Wi with my wife and two daughters. I work as a Paramedic/Firefighter not to far from my home. This allows me plenty of time for hunting, church, and my family. The Christian in Wi Christian1 is not my religious belief which is a part of all things I do including hunting. Now please don't turn up your nose that I mention this on a duck hunting web page, but I thought someone might be interested or share the similiar belief.

So, enough said about me. As far as duck hunting goes, I started when I was about 14. I got sick of not seeing anything bow hunting so my grandpa turned me onto duck hunting much to the dismay of my dad. The first years were spent doing alot of jump shooting in Central WI. It wasn't until I moved to Southern Wi that I broadened my duck hunting horizons. The newest joy of my gear is a 15ft. Alumacraft MV Jon Boat. I really like it and am in the process of building my own "Go Devil" type motor. I'll keep you posted on how that comes along.

I have always had a fascination for decoys. Currently, I have several different brands and types. I just can't seem to get enough. I have been carving for several years now. I never really got any good at it though. Recently I started making cork decoys. That seems to be going well. When I get them painted I am going to post them. I have also undertaken burlapping alll my beat up Herter's decoys. It is a slow process, but seems to be worth it. My partner and I have roughly 200 decoys between the two of us. Like I told my mother-in-law at Christmas when she asked what I wanted, "A man can NEVER have too many decoys". She bought me a half-dozen pintails.

My best duck hunt was last November 11. We had a huge storm blow through here. The storm pounded Lake Superior with snow and cold temps. After that a very strong thunderstorm system came from the south. It brought 40 mph southern winds (southern winds are very unusual that time of year). On the 11th a guy from work and I went out to his blind. We could here alot of ducks and geese around us. When it got light enough to shoot we couldn't believe our eyes. It was like being on top of a corn pile in South Dakota. All you had to do was look up and see ducks piling into our spot. It wasn't long and we had to quit shooting mallards because we had our limit. That day I saw more different kinds of ducks than ever before. We both agreed we would probably never see a day like this again. Unbelievable.

Well, hope to here from some of you soon. Happy hunting.

Wi Christian1