Pete Squires

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Posted by Pete Squires on February 02, 2000 at 1:29:31 p.m.:

Hello my names Pete.I have been hunting waterfowl for about 19 years.i'm married to areal hottie named Erin and we have 3 children 10,3,1.I also have two blk.Labs.Bud(11yrs)and Gorgia(2yrs).I also own aSouth Bay duck boat and I'm currently trying to find a smaal light weight,car top duck skiff to add to my ever expanding collection of toys.Also I'm in the process of making a 4 dozen spread of siloute field decoys.Also I would like to add that this is one if not the best waterfowl hunting related web page that i have run across in 3 years of surfing the net.