Bob Beal

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Posted by Bob Beal on February 08, 2000 at 2:27:48 p.m.:

I'm 36 years old, married for a year and have no kids yet
I have been and avid waterfowler since high school. I cut
my teeth on jump shooting puddle ducks in some of the
small rivers around my home. I have been lucky enough to
get invited to hunt ducks in Stuttgart Arkansas as well
as to hunt blue bills off Merritt Island in Florida.
I have a reputation with my hunting friends as having
my waterfowling act pretty much together, my deer hunting
is another story. I have managed to shoot one doe when
I was a Junior in high school. I have hunted deer in Mass.
every year since and have never scored another. The
punchline to my sad deer hunting was when the game biologist
pulled a tooth and aged the doe, he said she was so old
she would have died that winter anyway...