Lee Slikkers SLIK

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Posted by Lee Slikkers SLIK on February 09, 2000 at 7:34:34 a.m.:

Hey Guys,
Here's my info to help you put a name with a "face."

I began duck hunting three years ago and the "disease" has taken a pretty heavy toll on my life! I think I've spent every last "extra" penny on gear, boats, guns and dekes over those three years and I don't think I'm slowing down much.

My name is Lee Slikkers, age 31. I'm married to a very wonderful and extremely understanding wife! I also had a brand new baby boy, Colter, enter the picture this past December 10. ( I can't wait to share a blind with the little guy)

I have a German Short Hair bitch named Storm who is awesome on Pheasants but having a little diffuculty with the waterfowl...sitting still is exactly a Pointers strong suit.

I own a couple of boats:
A 17' Seanymph w/ Avery blind
A Lock, Stock & Barrel two man Sculler that Lou T. graciously let me make out of his mold.
A 15'glass canoe I made from friends mold
A Wilderness Systems 12' Pungo Kayak
Currently have plans for a variety of boats that I'd like to build but haven't made up my mind on which on to start first, they include a Two-man Busick Layout, the Whitney Sculler, Sam Devlin's Scaup and most recently the Kara from Mr. Leonard.

As Lou T. mentioned in an ealier post, I come from a family of boat builders...my grandfather founded Slickcraft Boats (later sold to AMF) and then S2 Yachts, which is the "Mother Company of our divisions..Tiara & Pursuit. We built mostly sailboats in the mid '70's but are currently manufacturing Motor Yachts ranging from 23' to 50'. I am the 3rd generation to work for the Company and I currently am the "Production Scheduler" for us.

I hunt on any water that holds ducks...ranging from Lake Michigan when weather permits to the protected marshes of the U.P. Have ducks will travel!

My decoy collection started and progressed as most others did with a few Carry-lites to some G & H's to my most recent adventure...E.Allen Decoys from Lou Tisch. I love painting them up and the birds seem to really like them alot...especially the divers, i.e. Blue-bills & Buffies! I hope to someday start carving a few cork blocks for my spread as well but have decided to invest the money in a few other areas right now.

Hopefully this gives you a little insight on me & my greatest passion...Duck Hunting!