Dale Chambers

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Dale Chambers on February 12, 2000 at 10:22:32 p.m.:

Well , I just saw a post on the forum about putting your info on the roll call . I didn`t know there was one. anyhow maybe you guys might like to know who I am.

Firs of all my name is Dale Chambers . I`m 44 yrs. old . I live in Fairfield , CA . I`m divorced , and have 2 great kids . Daughter.... Shannon , is 17. She is wonderful ! She has a 4.1 grade point avarage , beautiful & still daddy`s girl for now.....Son....Nick , is 15 . One step from eagle scout . He`s just as smart as hih sis , but kinda lazy like his dad. He wants to be a Vet. , he loves animals . He is into agility training his dog.

I`m working as a Glazier . I do most anything in the trade, from intalling , estimating & management .I took lots of woodshop in highschool . Was a teachers assistant my Junior & senior yrs. I worked as a cabinet maker for 7 or 8 yrs.So I know my way around anything made of wood . This boat building is going to be a kick in the butt .

I`ve been a hunter as long as I`ve been able to tote a gun. I`ve eather been hunting a duck club , or the refuge system . I`m to poor now for a club , and have been having awful times lately at the refuges .The people seem to be getting worse at shooting high . Or they will crowd your decoys . I find myself yelling at them , almost a fist fight one day . I really don`t want my son exposed to this kind of hunting . So, I have always wanted a scull boat , thought that my son would like this type of hunting lots more . So I started looking up scull boats on the internet and found this site . I`ve asked a few questions on the forum , and could not believe how nice and how helpful everyone is !

I just recieved my Sculldugery II plans from Devlin . Getting ready to start building her ....OH she looks like a fine craft . Can`t wait to get my son exposed to sculling . I`ll be taking plenty of pictures and keeping everyone up to date on my progress. If all goes well , I will probably make a BB III next summer .

Also , I`ve done taxidermy since I was 13 or so . Pretty good at it too. I`ve won ribbons on everything that I ever entered in compitition . I did it professionaly untill my divorce . Now just for fun.

If I can ever do anything for anyone of you members , plaese don`t hesitate to ask ! Only one problem , I`m on the west coast . By the time I get on my computer , most of you are fast asleep. If you post a question for me I may not answer fast , but I will . Anyhow.......

Thanks everyone ! Dale