John Phillips (JP)

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Posted by John Phillips (JP) on February 13, 2000 at 12:59:33 p.m.:

Took my first duck in 1967 and have been hopelessly addicted ever since. Began hunting the bend of the river area near Florence, Alabama as most of the farmers knew my folks so access wasn't a problem. Really got an education though hunting with an older gentleman who showed my the way to hunt the mudflats and stumpbeds of Beulah bay on Swan creek WMA accross from Decatur. Discovered Scottsboro/Stevenson areas a couple years later.
Job transfers the last twenty-five years have allowed me the chance to hunt in several states and have been a NE Oklahoma resident since 1988. My better half is from here so it looks like the gypsy days are over.
2.3 million acres of ODWC managed PHA's and over thirty Corps (public) lakes within an hour's drive of Broken Arrow makes for tremendous access oportunities.
Being in the flyway doesn't hurt either although there is a special place on the Mud creek WMA near Hollywood, Alabama which will always be valhalla to me.
Have/had enough shotguns over the years for a latin american revolution but my 870 Wingmaster(s) is still the go to piece. A BBSB and two labs make life in waterfowling fairly well rounded. Look me up if you're in this neck of the woods...we'll leave a light on for ya.